Amtrak train stranded in Virginia for nearly 40 hours without food due to storm


The Amtrak Crescent 20 train was stuck for nearly 40 hours in Virginia due to the winter storm on January 3, 2021.

An Amtrak train heading through Virginia was stranded on the tracks as a crippling winter storm had passengers waiting almost 40 grueling hours before the trip resumed.

People aboard the Crescent 20 out of New Orleans said they were without food or toilets – or any idea about when their journey would resume before it finally did at around 4 p.m. Tuesday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

“All we’ve been told is there are trees on the tracks preventing us from moving forward,” rider Sean Thornton said during the extended stop.

“Nobody has eaten for about 20 hours and the toilets in coach are completely backed up. The snack bar sold out of food yesterday. Passengers have been banned from leaving the train.”

McDonald’s food was brought to passengers midmorning Tuesday after they had been without food since Monday, the Associated Press reported.

Thornton told WSB-TV that the train was stranded in an area with poor cellphone service, and told by a staff member to “stop complaining” and call Amtrak headquarters.

                      The snowfall caused delays to Amtrak and other forms of mass transit across Virginia.

“She indicated that the staff also had complaints and that the staff would appreciate customers telling management about their experience,” he said. “It was pretty shocking.”

An Amtrak spokesperson didn’t immediately return an email from The Post.

Amtrak and other mass transit was riddled with service delays and cancellations due to the storm, which knocked down trees that apparently covered train tracks. The storm also stranded hundreds of drivers in their cars overnight on Interstate 95 in Virginia.

The train left Atlanta at 2 a.m. Monday but a storm that battered the East Coast forced the train to stop outside of Lynchburg, extending a ride that would usually take about 14 hours, the Journal-Constitution said. The company told the newspaper it was working to provide food and water to its customers.Credit by new york post

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