Policeman ‘shocked’ by state of car driven with rear end hanging off

 Porsche stopped on M25 so badly damaged its bumper was ‘literally bouncing out of the boot’

A badly damaged car stopped by police from being driven along the M25 from Kent to Surrey after a crash. Photograph: Surrey police

A police officer said he was “honestly shocked” to see a motorist had driven for more than 30 miles along the M25 in a car so badly damaged its rear end was hanging off.

PC Serge Hadfield, from Surrey police, stopped the car near Cobham on Sunday after a member of the public called the police.

He found the bumper of the Porsche “literally bouncing out of the boot”.

“[Hadfield] also couldn’t believe that we had only had one call on it at the time,” Surrey police told the PA news agency.

The force tweeted an image of the vehicle showing the damage to the back of the car. “We stopped this vehicle seen driving on the M25 near Cobham,” they wrote.

“The driver told officers he had crashed the car on the M25 in Kent and thought it would be OK to continue the journey in this condition.”

The driver, aged late 50s to early 60s, was pulled over at Cobham Services in Surrey after being picked up at junction nine.

He gave a positive breath test but was under the legal drink-drive limit, Surrey police said.

The car had been “prohibited from use on the road” and the driver reported for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.

“The driver will now seek alternative travel arrangements,” they added.

Credit by Guardion

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