Yellow Range Rover Fifty Edition on 24-Inch Vossen Wheels Looks like It's Floating

 There's a time and a place for large-diameter wheels, and that is underneath a bulky SUV while it's doing its thing on urban streets. You know, the usual SUV stuff.

Land Rover Range Rover is not the least off-road-worthy of the SUV bunch, and yet the newer models have their feet firmly set in the "soccer mom" and "grocery getter" segments, even if at the very top on the luxury scale. It's actually this sophisticated nature that's mostly keeping them from getting their feet dirty - that and the very high price they command.

Well, instead of trying to pose as a misunderstood adventurer who's just on a break from circling the globe, Range Rovers seem to have embraced their new luxo-urbanite status, and it fits them just fine. However, even among Range Rovers, there are some that fit the new role better than others.

This Land Rover Range Rover Fifty Edition finished in SVO Premium Yellow and dotted with glossy black accents, for example, wouldn't look out of place in the car park of any high-end event in Hollywood, just like it looks at home cruising the streets of Miami in the video below.

The color is undeniably the one thing that makes it stand out - though some haters might call it "NYC Taxi Cab Yellow" - helped by the high contrast with the dark accents, but the wheels must come in at a very close second. 

As it happens, they're actually the focal point of this short but very enjoyable video. It's a set of 24-inch Vossen UV-1 forged wheels finished in Gloss Black, and if their size alone isn't enough to grab your attention, then their design must definitely do the job.

Watching the massive SUV ride on those thin-spoked rims can leave the impression there's some sort of sorcery going on. The feeling becomes even stronger at higher speeds when the spokes become virtually invisible, leaving the Range Rover's disk brakes and hubs to appear as if they're hovering inside the tire suspended in some sort of a weird magnetic field.

There is such a thing as wheels that are too big, and these seem to be right at the limit but still on the right side of it. They complement the special edition Range Rover perfectly and bring life to a model that was starting to show its age. In this configuration, though, you're not likely to hear anyone complain about it having an outdated design.

Credit by autoevolution

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