Harley-Davidson Balfern Is Like a Night Train Spawn From Hell

For one reason or another, whenever the words "spawn from hell" come to mind (it happens), my brain immediately creates the image of a Frankenstein-like creature, put together using bits and pieces from other, less fortunate creatures. And when my eyes first fell upon the custom motorcycle we have here, the same thing happened.

What you’re looking at was once a stock FXSTB Night Train, the two-wheeler made in Milwaukee from the late 1990s to the late 2000s. It was stock until it fell in the hands of a Japanese custom shop called Bad Land.

The Japs had their way with the bike in their usual fashion, converting it to a 300 wide tire custom, but this time using bits and pieces taken from a wealth of other shops, and putting together a hellish-looking machine.

Called Balfern, the two-wheeler rides on No Limit Customwheels, sized 21 inches front, and 18 inches rear. The rear one is wrapped in a monstrously wide piece of rubber, while the front one is supported by an AS Industries fork.

The controls for the bike have been provided by Performance Machines, as are the front and rear brake calipers, the carburetor slapped on the engine is a Mikuni, while the grip and mirrors come from Ken’s Factory.

Aside from making all these bits come together in a way that makes sense, Bad Land was also responsible for supplying from its own shop the fenders that wrap over the two custom wheels, the triple tree, headlight, handlebar, fuel tank, and the exhaust system.

Once all the pieces came together, the blackest black we’ve seen in a while was wrapped around almost all of the elements of the Balfern.

The build was completed by Bad Land in 2018, but we have no info on how much it cost to put together.

Credit by Autoevoltion

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