Fully Custom Jap Hunter Has All Sorts of Curse Words, They Fit Right In

 We’ve been slowly moving through the world of custom motorcycles for a long time now, and some of you might have noticed something: generally speaking, custom motorcycles, especially those made in Europe, come as modified stock Harley-Davidson rides. Yet from time to time, one built from the ground up comes into view.

We stumbled upon the one we have here as we were looking for exciting two-wheelers to bring to your attention. And it fits the description, despite being rather old (it was completed in 2001), and aiming to look even older.

The project, sporting on the sides of the fuel tank the name Jap Hunter (no idea if that’s a reference to the Japanese as a people, or the motorcycles they make), is the work of German custom shop called X-Trem, who brought together a wealth of parts sourced from elsewhere to complete it.

The custom-made frame, rocking a self-supporting tail section, cradles an S&S 96ci engine rated at 91 hp. It is fed by means of a carburetor and kept in check via a 5-speed transmission. Breathing is ensured thanks to a Vance & Hines exhaust system. The engine sends its power to the 120-spoke wheels, sized 21 inches at the front and 18 inches at the rear.

As said, the Jap Hunter is a composite of parts supplied by a variety of shops. Most of them, including things like the fuel cap, footrest system, and oil tank, are the work of West Coast Choppers – the name can also be seen on the seat of the thing.

Crime Scene Choppers supplied the air filter, Thunderbike the insert plate and aluminum rear light cover, and X-Trem contributed the tail section and the overall vision for the Jap Hunter.

As said, this is an older build, and sadly we have no info on what happened to it since it was made. We brought it to your attention because seeing such machines, not made in America, is a rare occurrence. And it’s also a fine-looking bike, provided you can get past all the curse words written on the fuel tank and the seat.

Credit by autoevolution 

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