Sony’s new PS5 model is lighter and doesn’t need a screwdriver


Sony has quietly launched a revised PS5 model in Australia. Press Start, an Australian-based gaming site, reports that the revised PS5 models include a new screw for the base stand that no longer requires a screwdriver. Sony reportedly swapped in a new screw with a grip around the top so it can be easily adjusted by hand.

Press Start also reports that these updated PS5 models are around 300 grams (0.6 pounds) lighter than the original, but it’s not clear what Sony has removed or changed to bring the weight down. The new PS5s ship with a CFI-1102A model number, instead of the CFI-1000 found on the original.

Australia appears to be the first country to take stock of these slightly revised PS5 models. While Sony has removed the need for a screwdriver for the recommended base stand, you will still need one to access the optional removable M.2 SSD storage on the console. You can find the best PS5 SSD options right here.

Sony is planning to rollout removable SSD storage with an upcoming software update. The update, which is currently available for beta testers, also includes improvements to the PS5 dashboard UI, 3D audio support for built-in TV speakers, and a better way to differentiate between PS4 and PS5 versions of games.

Credit by The verge

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