Indian Metz Hundred Is an Orange Lamborghini Scout Drag Dream

Drag racing can be done with either purpose-built machines, converted ones and, in some cases, even stock contraptions. That pretty much means we’ve seen everything there is to see on the strip, but we’ll probably never see the bike we have here doing the same though. That would be on account it just might be a too rare build to ruin in a mishap, and also because it was not concocted in America, the land of all things drag racing, but elsewhere. What you’re looking at was once a Scout Bobber, converted into an American drag strip tribute by a French shop that goes by the name Indian Metz. And by converted, we really mean readied for the strip, even if it probably never will get on one. First up, the riding position has been modified to be more linear. This was achieved by fitting inverted Biltwell handlebars, a Wunderkind saddle kit and, of course, risers.
To give the thing more room to breathe, the intake is completely open. A Trask Performance filter is there to ensure nothing nasty reaches the insides of the bike, while gases are shot through the back thanks to a Freedom performance exhaust. The stance of the Scout changed as well with the inclusion of Arnott pneumatic shock absorbers and Revtech wheel wearing Avon Cobra Chrome tires. There is no mention of changes made to the engine, but we are told the entire build is brought to a halt by means of Galfer petal discs. The Hundred, as the build is called on account of the shop’s milestone of selling 100 bikes in one year, is wrapped in “Orange Lamborghini with 7 coats of varnish including a final ceramic varnish” for ultimate visual effects.
We are not being told how much the thing cost to put together, but once finished it was exciting enough to catch the eye of Indian itself, who said it is the perfect way to “show a fun, young and dynamic image” for the brand.

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