Harley-Davidson Rocker Is a Soft Blue Custom, Still Looks Fresh Despite Being Old


It’s not entirely clear how many Rockers the American bike maker made during the three years, and the present-day used motorcycle market is not all that generous when it comes to offering this model, be it in Rocker or Rocker C guise. That makes used motorcycles from this family rather rare machines, and rarity is even more the right word to describe custom Rocker-based builds.

Yet there are some out there, with the most recent we were able to dig up being the Japanese Paris de Rocker, put together by a shop called Bad Land. That one, however, was a much more extreme reinterpretation of the base bike, unlike the German-made one we have here.

Reshaped as seen in the gallery of this piece by German garage X-Trem, this Rocker stays a bit more true to its original self, and that is obvious as soon as the eyes fall on its blue and chrome body.

This bike was put together a while ago using a 2009 machine. Like most other custom bikes, it rocks a wide rear tire conversion, with custom wheels front and back, and rear fender made of steel and rocking integrated lights.

X-Trem provided the footrest system and custom seat of the two-wheeler, KessTech supplied the complete exhaust system, and Arlen Ness signs the handlebar fittings. The engine, as far as we can tell, remains unchanged, aside from getting the said exhaust to breathe out and two K&N air filters to breathe in.

X-Trem does not say how much the Rocker cost to put together, but most of the parts used on it are still commercially available should you think of converting your Rocker into something similar.

Credit by autoevolution 

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