Chrysler 300C “Big Booty” Seems Intent on Being a Quirky Euro-JDM Muscle Wagon

 Maybe some people didn’t know that, but Chrysler still has a passenger car left in the lineup – the long-running 300 nameplate. It’s not odd to be almost forgotten, though not by everyone. Of course, when a virtual artist remembers something, it usually comes with a twist.

The Chrysler 300 series was born in the middle of the 1950s and lived for just a decade. Then, Stellantis North America (and its numerous predecessors) resurrected the nameplate in the middle of the 2000s. Curiously, it has already outlived the lifespan of the original, although one can’t say deliveries reached crazy numbers... especially in this crossover, SUVs, and trucks “are all the rage” climate. 

Then again, it is so decidedly cool when something quirky survives – even if you are dealing with a tame family sedan, you will still be able to stand out in a crowd. Pixel masters probably love these apparitions as well, especially since they can play with them at will and without facing too many fan-based consequences. 

Case in point, virtual artist Rostislav Prokop, aka rostislav_prokop on social media, has decided to bring back to our attention the first-generation Chrysler 300. His project is labeled as the 300C since it’s based on the flagship version equipped with the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine and as much as we’d have loved to see it labeled as an SRT-8, it is fine like this as well.  

Of course, we are giving it a hall pass because of the twist. No, not the fact that we are dealing with a station wagon. After all, Chrysler sold the 300C back in the day in Europe, Australia, South America, Middle East, and Japan not just as a sedan, but also as a station wagon (aka 300C Touring) sibling of the Dodge Magnum. 

Instead, the piece of resistance is the extreme widebody makeover, which makes the 300C Wagon look as if the Euro version married a JDM tuner, and their sibling turned out to be a muscle car station wagon. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, but we seriously would have loved a rear angle to better make a judgment on the “big booty” reference... 

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