The 'carmageddon' engulfing Europe this summer.

So, you're all set for a trip to Europe in this most uncertain of summers. You've booked your flight, navigated all the paperwork for your destination (and for getting home), and have prepared yourself for snafus along the way. Oh, and you're fully vaccinated. Now, just a couple more things -- time to book the hotel and the car rental. The former shouldn't be an issue, although places are booking up fast. And the latter is never a problem -- you can always leave it till the absolute last minute, right?
You're in for a shock. Because this summer, what's being described as "carmaggedon" is hitting the continent. An unprecedented shortage of cars means prices are sky high -- and that's if you can get one in the first place. It is, according to one industry insider, a "disaster for renters." Credit by CNN

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