Non-Furry, $600k 1-of-1 Widebody Lambo Urus Joins Kim Kardashian’s Bespoke Fleet.

For many, there isn’t much about reality star turned self-made billionaire Kim Kardashian that isn’t controversial. Even her automotive exploits follow her personality, her views, or at least her business plans. But every now and then, her exclusive vehicle fleet gets a healthy dose of tasty additions. This one-of-one widebody Lamborghini Urus (probably) isn’t one of them. And not because of Kim’s views, but due to the Mansory additions.
Recently, the “leading designers and creators of high-end automotive culture and lifestyle” from Platinum Motorsport have started an entire journey of fulfillment alongside Kim Kardashian. They’ve been working for a while with Kim K, but they recently decided to get to the next level with the arrival of the KK x Platinum Special Pantone series. So far, we have seen the new and utterly bespoke Rolls-Royce Ghost and Land Rover Range Rover SVAutobiography sharing the same fit and finish. Those are both cool vehicles for a night out in town or a quick glamping event, but how about something that can do both and much more? Perhaps even take the American media personality on long summer road trips? Well, Platinum Motorsport seems to have the perfect answer for her cravings. And it’s not an ordinary SUV. Actually, it’s no regular Lamborghini Urus at all. Instead, we’re dealing here with a one-of-one widebody Lambo Urus that was enhanced with “a bit” of Mansory’s controversial styling. So, it’s easy to imagine it’s going to stand out in any crowd, even though its Satin Silver paintjob is both subtle and intended to match the rest of the KK x Platinum Pantone fleet members. Naturally, that was just the first step for this bespoke project. The build includes – aside from the custom shade – a completely reworked custom yellow interior, along with an upgraded exhaust system, suspension, and tune. Naturally, nothing would come complete without the right set of wheels, and in this case, we are dealing with a set of unique dual-block two-piece alloys. Not necessarily the “end all, be all in the Urus game,” but it’s coming close...

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