iPhone 13 — 5 features Apple needs to copy from Pixel phones.

From Call Screen to Now Playing, there's a lot the iPhone 13 could learn from Google The iPhone 13 is just a couple of months away from making its debut, which leaves some time for speculation and dreaming. The closest thing that Android has to something like the iPhone is Google's Pixel phones, which are the flagships for the operating system as a whole. Over the past few years, Google has really ramped up its Pixel-exclusive features, some of which are invaluable once you start using them. So that got me thinking. With the iPhone 13 and a final release of iOS 15 so close, the odds of us seeing any of these features are pretty low. But hey, that doesn't mean we can't offer Apple some advice on what it could adopt (or outright copy) to make the user experience on the iPhone 13 even better. Android 12: Everything you need to know What we're expecting for the Pixel 6 Plus: 3 biggest Android 12 features iOS 15 needs to steal A lot of what the Pixels do so well comes down to AI, which Apple is playing catch-up on. But Siri is nonetheless a far cry from Google Assistant in terms of usability and scalability. These are the five Pixel features I wish the iPhone 13 would copy. 

 1. Call Screen 

This is, by far, my favorite Pixel feature that I sorely miss when I change phones. In short, Google Assistant will answer your calls for you, asking the caller to identify themselves before you decide to pick up or not. Meanwhile, you can watch via transcription or listen to what the caller is saying. This is an absolute godsend for the spam call problem, as many scammers will give up once Assistant introduces itself. If any company could copy this feature, it's Apple and doing so would go a long way to making the iPhone 13 more fun to use.

 2. Now Playing 

 This is a relatively smaller Pixel feature, but it's altogether useful. For most songs that you'll hear, the Pixel will listen and identify the song for you. Oftentimes, if you're excitedly pulling out your phone to see what that song you're hearing is, your Pixel will be one step ahead of you. Since Apple owns Shazam, this feature wouldn't be that hard to implement without a serious hit to battery life. Pixels have the convenience of song identification nailed down, with shortcuts to find the song elsewhere for later listening.

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